Grand Piano Nanoblock

I’ve finally built my Grand Piano Nanoblock given to me last December. I decided to build it on my birthday yesterday! Its simple to build and it looks elegant! 🙂

Here are some images of its packaging :

Looks like a bag of candies from afar, it has a resealable pack feature, to retain the nanoblocks’ freshness? 😀

The difficulty level is shown on the label, this one only has two blocks of difficulty as can be seen above. An image of the final product is also shown on the label.

I like the design of their package, makes you feel like the blocks inside are made of high quality material, but indeed the blocks inside are of high quality. Logo is pretty simple, just plain n a n o b l o c k and above it says “the world’s smallest blocks”

Here is the backside of the package, let’s take a closer look!

We can see the block of text that describes that nanoblocks are. Basically what they mean to say that the smaller the parts, the better the detail. (especially for grown-ups) <- funny they added this sentence at the end of the paragraph.

Nanoblocks are designed by Kawada in Japan, but the product is made in China. Keep this product out of reach of children under 3 years of age! They might choke on the blocks due to their small size. :\

The instructions only have 5 steps. I got confused a little bit at the 4th step, didn’t notice that the blocks to be put on the 1st layer of blocks are not supposed to be put exactly above it, it should be displaced a little to the side. Anyway, a closer look on the instructions :

Here is the built product! :

It comes with a base plate where the grand piano can stand on to.

The piano cover is only loosely attached to the piano itself, it can easily be knocked off.

Heres what it looks like when the piano cover is taken off/knocked off by accident :

With Andy : Andy is taller.

My current collection of nanoblocks :

Electric guitar, Grand piano, Drum set.

The hardest one to build was the Drum Set! Easiest one was the Electric Guitar. 🙂

They don’t design them in proper scale, You can see that the Electric Guitar is much larger and taller than the Grand Piano which is suppose to be the other way around. They just have a standard size for their final products, no matter what object it is whether its supposed to be larger than other objects or not.

That’s it for this episode of Nanoblock! Stay tuned for more Nanoblock next time! I received two new boxes of nanoblocks from a friend for my birthday, thank you so much! I will try to build them this weekend. ありがとう!


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