HG 1/550 AMX-002 Neue Ziel (painted build)

1/550 Neue Ziel

Hi! Had more practice in airbrushing using this kit, it was a friend who gave me this and was bought from Hong Kong, thanks!

He’s not a usual HG 1/144 kit, instead of 1/144, he’s 1/550 in scale because he is humongous in the MS world. On the box it says HG mechanics, upon doing a little research, I found out that this line is mainly MSs that are huge like the Dendrobium!

The kit actually includes two miniature MSs, a Gundam and a Zaku like MS, too lazy to paint them though coz they’re so little, I’ll get back to them when I have the energy.

I actually repainted this kit 3 times! First I planned it to have a Bumble Bee Yellow like color, but failed in doing so, the finish was so bad that I had to scrape everything and redo. The second time around, I tried to paint him using a “The O”color, but then again I failed, or hated the output. The final color looked literally like I sprayed some fresh shit on him. On the third time, I decided to paint him a nice metallic red and at last, was satisfied with the output.

What I did:

As usual snapfit the kit, sanded the nub marks, then primed everything using Bosny Gray Primer. For the base color, I just used Tamiya Flat Aluminum using the airbrush to have a subtle metallic finish, then when everything has dried, sprayed some Tamiya Gloss Red. I noticed that the normal Tamiya Gloss Red has a different red tint finish compared with the flat red. The other parts I just sprayed some Silver. Then I did enamel wash method to panel line him using some Tamiya Black Enamel paint. Finally sprayed Flat topcoat to seal everything.

Enjoy the photos!


9 thoughts on “HG 1/550 AMX-002 Neue Ziel (painted build)

  1. Another mono-eyed project! And this time of Gato’s ultimate suit =D And glad that you perservered with the colours despite the two tries with unsatisfactory results. Now you have a Red Neue Ziel that is the Nightmare (or Pride) of Solomon! =D


  2. Looks gerbera tetra! Hahah
    Could have tried to clean the excessive enamel, you will have thin clean panel lines then 🙂


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