1/144 MSA-003 Nemo (full painted build)

1/144 Nemo

Hi guys! This is the first kit that I have accomplished using my airbrush. Still a noob work and needs a lot more improvement.

This is also the first time that I used water-slide decals.

Paints used:

Tamiya Acrylic:

Medium Gray

J.N. Gray

Light Blue

Chrome Silver

Gold Leaf

Gun Metal


Nato Black

Panel Line Accent Color (Black)

Bosny Spray Paint:

Primer Gray

Clear Gloss

Clear Matte

What I did:

First I snap-fit build the kit and decide the color scheme. After I have decided and planned my color scheme, I took everything apart, sanded and cleaned the nib marks then primed it using Bosny gray primer. Once everything has been primed and dried I started airbrushing everything using my planned color theme, I hand-painted some of the details. After that I sprayed Bosny Clear Gloss over everything to prepare for panel lining using enamel wash. After using the Panel Line Accent Color, I cleaned the excess using enamel thinner then applied some waterslide decals that I have acquired in a recent haul. Lastly I sprayed matte coat to seal everything.

Enjoy the photos:

Using my newly bought Tamiya Spray-work kit was easy and convenient, worth an investment rather than using all those spray cans.


17 thoughts on “1/144 MSA-003 Nemo (full painted build)

  1. Grats on your first airbrushed kit! Nice job with painting some of the internal components on the legs….for 1/144 it must be very tough!


  2. I recently got into this hobby and started out just using paintbrush. I’m considering getting the same airbrush kit that you used based on your review alone (which helped alot by the way). But I noticed that there’s no activity for quite some time in this blog.


    1. The only disadvantage that I have experienced with the said airbrush kit is the compressor itself, you can’t use it for extended periods of time as it will overheat. Yeah it’s because I’ve been busy writing articles for another company and also been busy with life. But I will still have updates and I still have a backlog. 🙂


      1. It’s great to know this site’s still active. I will be checking in every now and then since there’s a ton of useful materials to read here. Appreciate what you do. Hopefull, once I get that much awaited bonus, I’ll be buying that kit too. But thanks again!


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