Thank You Readers! Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! The year is about to end, another year of Gunpla adventure and hobby ending. But the journey isn’t over! This blog has been going strong through the few years it has been online and I will continue this hobby as long as Bandai doesn’t screw up kits haha! :p I would like to thank everyone who has been following and reading my posts throughout the year, if it weren’t for you guys, my blog would be in the pits! I hope to post more next year, especially tutorials since they are the most helpful posts for readers.

Thank you Knight51, whoever you are for posting my blog on, I just recently found out today that most of my visits came from the forum post! Thanks so much!


Happy new year to everyone and to my fellow hobbyists, bloggers and photographers alike! More power to us all! 🙂



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