Review: HG 1/144 RMS-108 Marasai [Unicorn Ver.] [Part 1]

Hello guys! At last l have mustered up enough energy to do another Gunpla review! It’s been a while since I did a Gunpla review, but I have been practicing my photography skills at other things, hopefully I will be able to produce better photos today than my previews reviews.

I will also implement a new “Gunpla review template and scoring system” and will apply it to this review! The new template would be that I will review and give a score to each part of a Gunpla, namely the head unit, left arm, right arm, body unit, waist unit, left leg, right leg and the weapons. For the scoring, I will be using Fibonacci numbers from 1 to 21 to score each part, so the possible scores would be: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21 being the highest score possible. It’s a good idea to give a description to each score I think:

1, 2, or 3 – Part is really bad!

5 – Part is below average expectation or quality.

8 – Part is so-so

13 – Part is great!

21– Part is just perfect!

I used Fibonacci numbers because it’s easier to differentiate between score of 8, 13 and 21 since they are far away from each other. Rather scoring 1-10 since they are just consecutive whole numbers in which sometimes it’s hard to decide whether it’s a 7 or 8, right?

So there! now we have a scoring system!! After I have given a score to each part, I will then sum up the scores over the highest possible total score so that we will know the overall score of the Gunpla! 21 is the highest possible score multiplied by 8 parts equals 168! (It’s actually a lucky number) That would be the highest possible score for the whole Gunpla.

After doing that, I will also give some technical and financial aspects of the kit! For the technical I will just be giving all possible technical data of the mobile suit, while for the financial aspect, I will give the price for which I bought the kit, where I bought it and the company who made it. Sounds good? Okay! Let’s start!

So today’s mobile suit is RMS-108 Marasai [Unicorn Ver.] Neo Zeon Attack Use Mobile Suit! I will show first the box, runners and some pages of the manual.

The box art looks great!

It’s a really dark green runner. Hope it doesn’t make ugly nib marks. XD

A lighter olive green runner.

The multi-colored runner.

The weapon runner, poly-caps, foil stickers, and an insulated copper wire.

Front and back page of the manual, the standard look for HGUC kits.

More illustrations inside of poses and gimmicks.

Torso/Body unit parts, 9 parts in total.

The head unit parts, total of 8 parts.

Left arm parts, 21 in total.

Back pack parts, 9 parts in all.

Waist parts, 10 parts in all.

Left leg parts, 20 parts total, same with the right leg.

Weapons, 13 parts in all although I forgot to include the smaller rifle.

Sorry I also forgot to take a photograph of the right arm parts.

Head unit:

The front mouth piece was a little misaligned, now I’m not sure if it’s my fault or the molding is a bit off. Easy to build and panel line.

I give it a score of 13! It’s pretty great, a different head design for mono-eyed mobile suits. It kinda looks like he is wearing a military helmet.

Body/Torso unit:

The shoulder joints enable the arms to move forward a bit for more flexibility.

I like the backpack! Looks like some kind of tank with some thrusters below it.

The bright orangey pinkish color of the power conduits really give a nice contrast to the main color of the body.

Just has a standard neck joint with no possible articulation.

I give this part a score of 21! It’s a perfect body unit for a cheap HG kit!

Right arm:

The spikes for his shoulder armor are quite longer and larger compared to my previous zaku-like mobile suits. I painted the gray parts dark metallic gray.

It has a standard HG right angle articulation, no complains there.

it’s nice they put some bright salmon-like colored power conduits too for the back of the elbow! Again it adds contrast!

I give it a score of 21! Perfect right arm for this HG kit!

Left arm:

For the left arm, instead of a spiked shoulder armor, they put in two large bits of shield! The beam saber hilts are also stored/attached there. Same arm articulation with the right arm of course.

At first, I though they looked like some kind of satellite or something, It would have been much cooler if it can shoot out beams too!! But anyway it’s just a larger shield.

I give it a score of 21 too! It’s nice that they made one shoulder different from the other, and the beam saber hilts are attached there, its quite logical since it would be easier to reach for them while in battle

So far here ‘s what he looks like:

Looking great!

Waist unit:

The waist unit is nicely done! It’s been a while since I’ve experienced the popping off front skirts disease, but it seems like that kind of design is already gone for recent HG kits.

The back skirts are longer. again with the orange power conduits, I really love how it contrasts with the dark green, they compliment each other!

I give it a score of 21! Perfect waist unit for an HG kit!

Left and right legs:

Standard HG leg articulation. Thrusters are present at the sides of the legs, it is a nice addition.

There is one problem and it is the articulation of the feet, it has less articulation compared to my other zaku-like mobile suits, it just can’t flex to the left for the left leg and right for the right leg, although there are power conduits again at the back of the knees! I give both legs a score of 13.


He has a nice set of weapons namely the Fedayeen Riflle, two beam sabers, Umihebi and a standard beam rifle.

The Fedayeen Rifle is cool since it packs a punch and it is convertible to a beam saber too! He also has Umihebi which is like a grappling or shocking hook! Much like what the Gouf has too.

I give the weapons a score of 21! A great set of weapons! =3

Now he’s complete!:

He garnered a total score of.. *drum roll* 144/168 points! That’s about 86%, a great score!!

Time for some poses!:

Having a tripod, setting a low ISO setting, having a really small aperture and slow shutter speed really makes the object look sharp! But the tripod has to be really stable and you have to press the capture button softly and firmly, not like a quick jab or better use the timer function of your camera to avoid human input noise to the device.

I love how the photos turned out for this photoshoot. =3

You don’t want to mess with him when he’s holding that gun XD

He really looks great! I definitely recommend him for guys who are fond of mono-eyed mobile suits! I’m pretty satisfied with this kit!

Financial Data:

Bought price: 850 Php (with 10% discount)

Where: Great Toys Online

Manufacturer/Company: Bandai

You can order this kit at HLJ!

Extra notes: I painted the gray parts dark metallic gray XF-56, top coated it with Bosny No. 191 Flat clear, it is cheaper (around 90~149php depending on where you are buying) than Mr Hobby TopCoat and comes in a larger can too! Although the grains are bigger resulting to a more chalkier finish, but I like it anyway! =3

Well that concludes this review! Hope everyone enjoyed! Till the next review!

Image Gallery:

Technical Specifications: (taken form gundam wiki!) =3

Unit Type
Mass Production General-Purpose Mobile Suit
Photo Novel
Model Number
  • RMS-108
  • MSA-002
Developed from
Developed into
First Seen 0086 U.C.
Known Pilots
General Characteristics
Overall Height
  • 20.5 meters
Head Height
  • 17.5 meters
Max Weight
  • 59.4 tons
Standard Weight
  • 33.1 tons
Power Ouput
  • 1790 kW
Sensor Range
  • 10900 meters
  • Pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Max Acceleration
  • 1.26 G
Mass Ratio
  • 1.48
  • Rocket thrusters: 2 x 19300 kg
  • 3 x 12000 kg
  • Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors: 8
2 x Beam Saber2 x Vulcan Gun
Optional Equipments
Beam RifleFeyadeen Rifle/Beam SaberShieldSea Serpent, wire-guided grappling/shocking weapon

15 thoughts on “Review: HG 1/144 RMS-108 Marasai [Unicorn Ver.] [Part 1]

  1. lol at first I thought this was a zaku… but after seeing all the detail, dang it looks way more sinister/legit… a beam saber from the rifle and a whip. 😀


  2. That Fedayeen Rifle really looks awesome. Not just it looks unique, but rather it’s practical to use. My HCM Pro Hamrabi also has it and I hope that gets an HG treatment. Anyway, this review made me more hyped for the upcoming release of MG Marasai!


  3. I think the scoring system is a bit off-putting, since it’s a bit unusual to remember a unique scoring system that’s only used on this site (and I’m not sure how much some score means in this scoring chart unless I scroll back up, or get back to this post if the next review not gonna put the scoring explanation again). If you insist on using that scoring system though, I suggest using a scoring bar just to give a better image of how much said score means.

    For the kit, I kinda disliked it for the fact that it’s only a recolored older kit with a few extra new part instead of a new mold that could use the newer technology. The older mold’s drawback is that the seamlines is pretty obvious, the articulation is quite limited, and as you have pointed, some misalignment might occurs.
    Even so, I will admit that the coloring and the conduit looked pretty cool :).


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