1/7th Scale Luka Megurine : Tony ver. (From Mikatan’s Blog)

I saw this recent post from Mikatan’s blog and I want to share this to all the viewers! Its a Luka Megurine 1/7 scale figure!!! The detail is so awesome, I wonder how much she will cost? And when will she be released? Anyway let’s enjoy the beautiful pictures and I’ll comment a little along the way! The images are credited to Mikatan’s blog! 😀

So this is Max Factory’s 1/7th Scale Luka Megurine: Tony ver.!

“The second Vocaloid figure based on an illustration by the famous Tony! The wonderful transparent effect and coloring from Tony’s illustration have all been faithfully rendered in figure form for fans to enjoy! Not to mention the sexy pose she is taking!” – Mikatan

The translucent hair really has a nice effect and feel to add to Luka’s adorable yet sexy look! Looking at the while figure, we can already see how much detail the sculptor did on this prototype!

Let’s take a look at the back! Look at the detail of the hair and how it is sculpted! Damn amazing, the fluidness and suggestion of movement is portrayed evidently. The skirt too is sculpted great as Mikatan said, it almost looks like real cloth that sways with Luka’s movement!

A closer look tells us that the sculptor is really serious with his work! Look at the that!

“Absolutely incredible!” -Mikatan.

No other words can describe this figure! XD

I love how the scultor/illustrator did her face, she is so adorable yet sexy! The smile is just perfect! The greatest challenge for sculptors is portraying the mouth or smile  for these kind of figures, but Chieri (The one who sculpted this) got it perfect!! just perfect! 😀

“she is like a little devil trying to lure in her prey!” -Mikatan

What more can one say for this figure? I keep on repeating myself but heck! She is really awesome right? 😀

A comparison of sizes with her Nendoroid counterpart! We can see here how tall the 1/7scale figure is! I really would want to have her displayed in my collection too! =3

They really pulled off the effect of the translucent hair! It’s just perfect with Luka! I rarely see figures with translucent hair that appear great or does not look awkward. XD

We can see how she holds the microphone and it’s just perfect how she holds it, look at the fingers! We’ll take a closer look at them at the next image! It’s just amazing!! =3 =3 =3

Hands and fingers are the hardest to sculpt! Yes? But Chieri still pulled it off!! He just did everything perfectly!!! You can see the nails from this image too! Just perfect!

The longer I look at the images, the more I fall poison to this figure!! I would definitely have her in my collection IF! IF… I have the appropriate funds, but it looks  like she’ll hurt the wallets who have fallen for her! XD Hope she’ll have some kind of promos or something? What I can do now is just wait and see.. T_T

My gunpla building is going slow now since I am experimenting with Tamiya paint and some other customizations! Tune in next time for my next gunpla review, now with color customizations, well not so much but.. just wait and see! haha! 😀 =3


4 thoughts on “1/7th Scale Luka Megurine : Tony ver. (From Mikatan’s Blog)

  1. I didn’t really like Miku Tony Ver. but Luka here is just tremendous. The pose, aesthetics is just so spot-on. If I was a Luka fan this would be a tremendous treat..however since I’m not, I can let it go. Still that is a work of art there…that translucent hair….=3


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