Ozine Fest 2012 – Part II (Figure Exhibit Table 2 & 3)

Here are the next batch of figure display images, enjoy!:

Final Fantasy Figures:

I think this is Auron?:

MGS Snake:

I’m not familiar with these:

Takamichi Nanoha:

Nao Aizawa?:


More Nanoha:

This one I do now know.. anyone knows who she is?:

Ookami Ryoko:

Fate Testarossa:

Ikaros and Nymph:


This one I don’t know.. is it Yoko too?

Anyone knows them?:

Serizawa Fumino:

Nagato Yuki:

Yamada Aoi:

Kumashiro Maya:

Unity Yuno:

Kan’u Unchou:

Towa Erio:

Yagyu Jubei:


Boa Hancock:

I don’t know these.. XD:

Clalaclan Phirias:

I’m still not familiar with most of the figures, especially with the ones without labels.. can anyone identify them for me? It was really tiring to take a photo of everything on the tables.. *huff huff*. Buy anyways, for the sake of getting to know more characters and figures! We’re about halfway in the figure display..

*Random Thought* – As I go through the photos, I have come to realize that the design of these figures are amazing! This is where all the physics and math that we question during elementary and secondary education come in! Without knowledge of basic physics and math, one would not be able to produce such amazing figures with dynamic poses but still balance well with the base. *Appreciating mathematics and physics* =3

Stay tuned for the next batch of photos. =3

Image Gallery:


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